Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Happy News

Levi at Cub Scouts Pack meeting S'mores Night

Cameron & Dylan got to come make s'mores (Below)

This is what the inside of the house looks like after the fire

Here is the outside of the house The attic
This is where our computer is melted
Here is the couch where they said the fire started
Not sure where this is a lot of melted stuff
Porch roof
Attic roof
Boys bunk bed (the top bunk)
A wall
Melted dog food
Kitchen wall
Computer screen
Stairs to the attic
Parents bed

Some pictures are hard to see

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We had a house fire on April 28, 2008 and lost everything. No one was home when the fire started my husband was at work, the boys were at school and I was on a field trip with my son Cameron at the zoo. Our dog Buddy was at home in the house and he did not make it.

This is the fire

This is Russ seeing the house the first time

This is Levi just seeing the house for the first time after the fire. He is upset about the fire and about loosing Buddy.

This is my husband Russ at the house after the fire. This was his grandparents house where his mom grew up. He is sitting on a wood chest that made it from the fire. The chest belonged to his grandparents and was filled with stuff that has memories to us.The top was just a little burnt.

This is Russ going through the house to see what else has survived.

Russ found our wedding album (what was left of it)

The Red Cross helped us, our church helped us, relief society brought us meals, my kids school helped us, the teachers and principle, friends and family.

We stayed at a hotel a few days while we looked for a new place to live.

This is at the hotel

At the hotel

Boys swimming at the hotel while I try to find us a place to live

Me and my son Dylan out looking for a place to live. These are the apartments we move to in Clearfield, Utah. It is farther from Salt Lake but it is a place we like and can afford.

This is my husband with his mom at our new apartment when we are moving in

This is my husband Russ at the front runner he rides to work in Salt Lake and back. Cameron missed him while he was at work so after work when Russ got off the train Cameron ran and hugged him. (I love this picture)

In our new kitchen looking at a picture Dylan made that says "at our house, at our hotel, and at our new apartment "

Life must go on!